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Vintage Collectables:

We offer a variety of Collectables; New, Vintage and Antique items at amazing prices. They include a wide selection of Tapestry's, vintage purses, retired Longaberger Baskets, and an array of vintage to antique Lamps; all of the Highest of Quality!
Lamp: Figurine
Lamp: Glass
Lamp: Obscure
Lamp: Small Decorative
Longaberger Basket: Assor
Longaberger Basket Blue
Longaberger Basket: Chris
Longaberger Basket: Easte
longaberger Basket: Horiz
Longaberger BasketInaugur
Longaberger Basket: May S
Longaberger Basket: Mothe
Longaberger Basket: Patri
Longaberger Basket: Shade
Longaberger Basket: St Pa
Longaberger Basket: Sweet
Vintage Items: Misc
Vintage Purse: Tapestry
Vintage Tablecloths
Vintage Purse: Beaded
Tapestry: French/Belgium
Tapestry: Others
Tapestry: Mediteranian
Tapestry: Kinkade
Tapestry: Garden
Tapestry: Angels
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Vintage Collectables:
Fax number: (570) 966-7982


Vintage Purses: 



Beaded, Fabric, Leather, Tapestry and modern Motif reproductions and vintage Inspired purses. Looking for an arm piece that will set you apart in even the most persnickety crowd? Browse our selection to find Exactly what you've been looking for, at prices that make it possible.


Longaberger Baskets:


Longaberger Basket collecting is as strong as ever.... Made in America, great for collectables and sturdy enough for daily use. There are many styles and collections of these Great Baskets. Enjoy them, admire them but most of all use them with pride!!! Now selling here for prices below the average collectable value, get yours here before it's gone!



Is your home missing something? We've got what you have been looking for right here! Angels, Fabrics, French, Belgian, Garden Settings, Kinkades and Mediteranian style Tapestries! Modern to Vintage, Vibrant and Subdued colorings, Small and Large sizes! No matter your taste, find the right tapestry, at the right price, to match your home decor here!!



Need something to brighten your home while adding class and style? We have Small Decorative, Glass, Crystal, Figurine and Obscure Lamps that are as visually stunning as they are heart warming! Never settle for plain, ordinary lamps when for the same price or less you could decorate with style!!



We have a wide assortment of jewelry. Pearls(real and faux), gemstones, and others in the forms of Pendants, Necklaces and Earrings. Give yourself something new to treasure and love and feel great about how little you're spending to do it!! These pieces are new and come with their own gift box or bag..................


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Vintage Collectables
Fax number: (570) 966-7982